Shepherding Towards Shalom

Praying Towards Shalom

Working Towards Shalom

Teaching Towards Shalom

Parenting Towards Shalom

Leading Towards Shalom

Serving Towards Shalom

Listening Towards Shalom

Loving Towards Shalom

Shalom: The peace of God, where everything is as it should be.

Our Vision:
The University in Shalom

Our Mission:


Connecting with people in order to help them connect with God and each other


-Listening to God in prayer to learn how He desires to cultivate shalom

-Listening to people to understand who they are and where they are, to discover their needs and gifts, to show them that they are loved, valued, and cared for


Caring for faculty and staff by guiding them step by step towards shalom

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Shepherding towards Shalom

We don’t talk a lot about shepherds in our Western culture. However, shepherding is one of the oldest professions and is the oldest symbol of Christ prior to the cross. In the Old Testament and Ancient Near East culture, leaders were frequently described as shepherds of their people.

As we look at the rapid changes in our society and culture we see our “flocks” faced with challenges that many shepherds have never had to navigate before. Although not new, wolves are present and prowling and their dangers are enhanced by technology. At times there seems to be an increasing distance between the green pastures and still water that people are in such desperate need of receiving. Healthy shepherds navigate these dangers and help bring about the flourishing of the flocks entrusted to their care on a daily basis.

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