Our Mission:  
The mission of Collegiate Abbey is to create environments of spiritual and personal growth, to shepherd with the heart of Jesus Christ and to serve strategically to effectively meet the needs of the collegiate community.

Our Name:
Collegiate pertains to all those associated with college life, not just students, but teachers, faculty, staff, etc. An Abbey was historically a place in the community that offered hope and healing, a place that encouraged devotion in your work and education that also helped provide rest for your spirit, all found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Method:
Growing – our desire is to create an environment where people can grow personally and spiritually. We provide resources to the collegiate community to help us develop into who God has called us to be.

Shepherding – a shepherd’s job is to lead out and to bring in. Our focus is helping to lead people through the daily life and trials they face as well as, bringing them in to find rest in the gospel of Christ. We long to be a shepherding presence to leadership on campus.

Serving – by quality and strategic partnerships we hope to refine our efforts in serving to help put the resources of the body of Christ into the right places at the right times. Our desire is for people to see Jesus in powerful, relevant and transformational ways. We will partner with the body of Christ to serve our neighbors and our Savior for the glory of God.

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