“I am a Collegiate Abbey Volunteer because this ministry is serving a niche in our university system that has been deeply needed for quite some time. The importance of resourcing and cultivating healthy leaders cannot be over-estimated.”

-Joan Cronan, Women’s Athletic Director Emeritus

“I am a Volunteer because Collegiate Abbey helps me connect my faith with my work. Their ministry assures me that I am not alone. This community helps me to live out my faith to my co-workers.”

-UT Ag Econ Professor

1,000 Volunteers

We are looking for Volunteers that love Jesus and love the University of Tennessee to partner with us. 

Our Volunteers: 

Pray -  Ask our Father to grant us wisdom, insight, grace, and truth as we continue to steward the ministry of Collegiate Abbey and the growth that He is developing.

Partner - Financially support Collegiate Abbey by giving an annual gift of $500 or more to help advance the ministry on campus. 

Influence -  Let others know about and discover the ministry of Collegiate Abbey. Help to promote Collegiate Abbey's resources, attend any events, and initiate connections and introductions. 

Current CA Volunters:

Our Commitment to our Volunteers


We commit to keeping you informed on how God is working on the campus of the University of Tennessee Knoxville and grant you access to the events and resources that are developed

Steward and Develop

We will strive to steward well the unique opportunities and relationships that God is developing among campus leaders and the community. We will seek to develop practical and relevant resources as we pioneer this new type of ministry.


We commit to partnering with other groups, churches, individuals and organizations to see God's kingdom come and His will be done at the University of Tennessee.


We commit to praying for you as you serve where you are. We pray that God would bless you and equip you for the good works that He has prepared for you to walk in.

Speaker giving a talk on corporate business conference. Unrecognizable people in audience at conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship event.

Why Focus on Shepherding Leaders?

We don’t talk a lot about shepherds in our western culture. However, shepherding is one of the oldest professions and is the oldest symbol of Christ prior to the cross. In the Old Testament and Ancient Near East culture, leaders were frequently described as shepherds of their people.

As we look at the rapid changes in our society and culture we see our “flocks” faced with challenges that many shepherds have never had to navigate before. Although not new, wolves are present and prowling and their dangers are enhanced by technology. At times there seems to be increasing distance between the green pastures and still water that people are in such desperate need of receiving. Healthy shepherds navigate these dangers daily while helping to bring about the flourishing of the flocks entrusted to their care.