britton sharp


By britton sharp / July 11, 2021

A beautiful part of resurrection is and will be restoration.  Resurrection is the restoring of life; the restoring of relationship.   I feel a deep, almost desperate need for restoration, for this “bringing something back to its original condition, returning something to its original owner, returning something to an unimpaired or improved condition.”    From…

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Resurrection reality

By britton sharp / July 4, 2021

Resurrection.    That word is very attractive to me, especially now. I’m hungry for Resurrection. There’s been so much difficulty over the last year, so much Death and Burial. I’m so very ready for some new life.   Resurrection is a radical word and an even crazier reality. Throughout my life, in church and in…

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Transition and Transformation

By britton sharp / June 27, 2021

My three-year-old daughter’s favorite activity during our daily commute is “I Spy.”  During the guessing game, the “spy” chooses an object within sight, and the other person has to guess what the object is, with only the color as a clue.     Over the last few months, “I spy…something green” has led to some interesting…

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