Daily Grace

1 John 1

By Collegiate Abbey / October 10, 2016

Instead of following the normal structure of an epistle—who the letter is to, who the letter is from, greeting, expression of gratitude, letter content, closing—John (the presumed author of 1 John 1) jumps straight into, “Remember Jesus, the One who existed at the beginning, and even before time, who we saw with our own eyes…

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Ephesians 3

By Collegiate Abbey / August 15, 2016

We often pray that God would be glorified, we seldom realize that God’s glory may come at the expense of our comfort. In Ephesians 3, we see that Paul is writing from prison. I dare say that this was not his ideal work environment. In fact, Paul probably had a much different plan and desire…

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Ephesians 2

By Collegiate Abbey / August 8, 2016

  I am a hypocrite. Not intentionally, but it is my default. I preach grace to others, but inwardly believe that my actions or my past are so bad that I exclude it for myself. My default is legalism and performance. I strive to give others grace but keep a personal checklist running inside of…

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