Ephesians Study

Ephesians 3

By Collegiate Abbey / August 15, 2016

We often pray that God would be glorified, we seldom realize that God’s glory may come at the expense of our comfort. In Ephesians 3, we see that Paul is writing from prison. I dare say that this was not his ideal work environment. In fact, Paul probably had a much different plan and desire…

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Ephesians 2

By Collegiate Abbey / August 8, 2016

  I am a hypocrite. Not intentionally, but it is my default. I preach grace to others, but inwardly believe that my actions or my past are so bad that I exclude it for myself. My default is legalism and performance. I strive to give others grace but keep a personal checklist running inside of…

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Introduction to Ephesians

By Collegiate Abbey / August 1, 2016

  Sometimes doubt comes in like a flash flood. Sweeping through, weakening or decimating the pillars that helped give stability and identity. Other times it is a constant steady drip, slowly eroding over time and making it’s way into the foundation of our identity. The foundation of who we are in Christ will be tested…

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