Serving Facilities Staff

The seed for this ministry was planted at our Christmas Party for UT staff 3 years ago when Miss Charlotte, as she was working to prepare the room for us, asked who the party was for. We told her it’s for the leaders and staff here at UT…so, it’s for you!

Her response was to comment on how they always set up for these things but never get invited. “Well, you’re invited to this one!” was our happy reply.

She took us up on the invitation and ended up bringing nearly 30 of her coworkers. What a gift it was for us to be able to welcome these faithful folks to the party!
{Previously we had pursued an idea VC Tyvi Small had for pop-up childcare for facilities folks when Knox Co closes for snow - but were stopped by legal hurdles.}

Since then we have been praying for God to open a door. We believe it’s happening.

In a recent conversation with Vice-Chancellor Small and some prayerful brainstorming, we are initiating a ministry to the facilities staff at the Student Union this summer. And, as God does, we learned that this aligns with efforts by Donde Plowman (Chancellor) and her leadership team to better care for the facilities staff across campus.

We will partner with them in an off-campus event later this summer as well as placing an Appreciation Station (see photo) in the break room with encouragements and resources targeted specifically for them. We are very excited and hopeful about the potential impact and reach this ministry could have on this large, overlooked, and unserved group of men and women.

We want them to know that they are seen, valued and appreciated - by us and by Jesus.