Guide to Renewal

Death, Burial, Resurrection, and  Cultivation - This guide to renewal has been broken into these four parts because as we have talked with those we serve, we have found the majority of them to be in one of these four stages. Our hope is that through this study, you will be able to find Jesus in each one of them.


A curious place to start. Our default is to mark it as the ending. However, as believers in Christ,  death is at the beginning. In the process of moving towards renewal and restoration, we find the place we so often start is death.


I have often thought that burial is one of the most tangible examples we have of surrender and transition. 

We must let the dirt fall from our open hand, transitioning from letting go to receiving what is next.


Life from death. As Christians, our faith is worthless if not for the truth of the resurrection of Christ. Our faith is anchored in God bringing life from death, giving hope when there is only despair. 

Cultivation is where we steward the work of God and the growth that He develops in our lives. It is the discipline of obedience to His Spirit of grace and truth.

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