britton sharp

1 John 2

By britton sharp / October 17, 2016

There’s an old tradition about the Apostle John that has always been accepted as true by the Church. In his later years his house would often be the gathering place for those wanting to talk to him, to see him, or to learn from him. When the crowd became large enough that it couldn’t be…

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1 John 1

By britton sharp / October 10, 2016

Instead of following the normal structure of an epistle—who the letter is to, who the letter is from, greeting, expression of gratitude, letter content, closing—John (the presumed author of 1 John 1) jumps straight into, “Remember Jesus, the One who existed at the beginning, and even before time, who we saw with our own eyes…

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Ephesians 5

By britton sharp / August 30, 2016

It was the late 80’s. I was in junior high school. I was confident in my blue jean jacket, silk shirt and tight rolled jeans that I would have a good day. Why? Because I looked like everyone else around me. I laugh at it now, but I totally conformed to what everyone else was…

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