britton sharp

Ephesians 4

By britton sharp / August 22, 2016

Unity. It is a beautiful word and concept. But, why is it so rare? Why are we defined by our differences and not our similarities? In the USA, we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd. Yet, has this individualistic mentality caused us to be a crowd of isolated people and not a community?…

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Introduction to Ephesians

By britton sharp / August 1, 2016

  Sometimes doubt comes in like a flash flood. Sweeping through, weakening or decimating the pillars that helped give stability and identity. Other times it is a constant steady drip, slowly eroding over time and making it’s way into the foundation of our identity. The foundation of who we are in Christ will be tested…

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Launching August 15th

By britton sharp / July 28, 2016

Our Daily Grace meetings will begin on August 15th and run throughout the Fall Semester. We will meet every Monday and Tuesday Morning from 7:10am until 7:40am. Daily Grace is a time to start off your day with prayer and reflecting on God’s Word before you head into the office or class. We will meet…

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