Ephesians 5

By Collegiate Abbey / August 30, 2016

It was the late 80’s. I was in junior high school. I was confident in my blue jean jacket, silk shirt and tight rolled jeans that I would have a good day. Why? Because I looked like everyone else around me. I laugh at it now, but I totally conformed to what everyone else was…

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Ephesians 4

By Collegiate Abbey / August 22, 2016

Unity. It is a beautiful word and concept. But, why is it so rare? Why are we defined by our differences and not our similarities? In the USA, we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd. Yet, has this individualistic mentality caused us to be a crowd of isolated people and not a community?…

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Ephesians 3

By Collegiate Abbey / August 15, 2016

We often pray that God would be glorified, we seldom realize that God’s glory may come at the expense of our comfort. In Ephesians 3, we see that Paul is writing from prison. I dare say that this was not his ideal work environment. In fact, Paul probably had a much different plan and desire…

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