Video Podcast: Life In The Balance – Boundaries

By britton sharp / November 15, 2019

Week 3 of our 5-week discussion on Life in the Balance, Britton Sharp discusses the importance of boundaries and their role in seeking balance in life.

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Life In The Balance: Boundaries

By britton sharp / November 8, 2019

I don’t like being told I can’t do something. However, there are times that I must acknowledge that I am limited and cannot do everything I want to do. For example, I can’t fly.  My body simply isn’t made for it. While this physical example seems extreme, in our work and home lives, we are…

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The Abbey

By britton sharp / February 28, 2017

A year ago, Brooks and I took a step of faith and launched the new non-profit ministry of Collegiate Abbey. This ministry is focused primarily on faculty, staff and admin, but even more so, helping to bridge the gap between the university and ministries to address issues such as racism and sexual assault. This ministry…

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