Introduction to Colossians

I was influenced by a lot of things when I was younger but mainly television.
I was always trying to be cool and fit in, I would attempt to keep up with the latest cool trends, which in turn made for some really embarrassing pictures.
I was always trying to find my place and where I belong, however this was complicated because I was also trying to figure out who I was.
In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he is writing to a group of young believers who are struggling with identity.
They are influenced being both influenced and tested by their culture. Their hearts are confused and weary. They have lots of questions.
Paul both affirms them and exhorts them. He has been encouraged by their faith that he has heard about from Epaphras. Yet he is aware of the needs this group of young believers may have.
As you read through Colossians reflect on the truths that Paul is pointing out to them. What advice or warnings does he give? What analogies does he use?
Paul is helping these young believers in Colossae to draw closer to Christ by revealing these truths about Christ.
May God use His words, written by Paul, to draw us close to Him as well.

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