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Why Shepherds?

We don’t talk a lot about shepherds in our western culture. However, shepherding is one of the oldest professions and is the oldest symbol of Christ prior to the cross. In the Old Testament and Ancient Near East culture, leaders were frequently described as shepherds of their people.

As we look at the rapid changes in our society and culture we see our “flocks” faced with challenges that many shepherds have never had to navigate before. Although not new, wolves are present and prowling and their dangers are enhanced by technology. At times there seems to be an increasing distance between the green pastures and still water that people are in such desperate need of receiving. Healthy shepherds navigate these dangers and help bring about the flourishing of the flocks entrusted to their care on a daily basis.

OverProject 30

Collegiate Abbey seeks to raise up and empower shepherds on the campus of the University of Tennessee.


Third Thursday

Third Thursdays is a time to come together over a meal and talk about how we can love God and love others well.



The Abbey App is the resource hub for the ministry of Collegiate Abbey. It is available in your phone's app store.


Our Vision

Collegiate Abbey seeks to raise up and empower shepherds on the campus of the University of Tennessee. These shepherds initiate relationships with spiritual seekers who are looking for a wise and understanding person of faith to help them with such questions as, "How do I live spiritually in a world of ambiguity and distraction?" "How do I cultivate spiritual and mental health among those around me?"

Our strategy is to connect, shepherd, and sustain university leadership and staff through individual relationships as well as weekly and monthly gatherings, resources, and training.

“Collegiate Abbey is serving a niche in our university system that has been deeply needed for quite some time. The importance of resourcing and cultivating healthy leaders cannot be overestimated.”

-Joan Cronan Women’s Athletic Director Emeritus

-UT Ag Econ  Professor


 I very much appreciate what Collegiate Abbey stands for as well as the action I see under its core values of “grow, shepherd and serve”. I truly feel that Collegiate Abbey is open to people regardless of where they are on their faith journey and it is reassuring to see an entity that cares about our entire campus of students, faculty, and staff.

-Former Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership and Service.

1,000 Volunteers

Through God’s blessing and favor over the last five years, CA has grown and flourished and now we find ourselves in the position of needing to expand our base (foundation) to continue to cultivate this growth faithfully. 

During this new phase, we are praying that God would raise up 1,000 Volunteers to partner with Collegiate Abbey to help us take advantage of the unique opportunities and position that God has given to us.

Our heart is to steward these opportunities well and to grow the ministry and impact that God has entrusted to us. The ministry of Collegiate Abbey not only impacts the faculty, staff, and administration of the University but also the students and city of Knoxville. In pioneering new partnerships and resourcing leaders, the impact of this ministry will continue to be felt throughout our community.

Let's Work together

Partnership is one of the key pillars of the work that Collegiate Abbey does on the University campus and within our city. If you are interested in exploring a potential partnership or if we can help in some other way, please reach out to us!

Collegiate Abbey

502 South Gay Street, Suite 404

Knoxville, Tennessee  37902

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