Art… Not a Bad Medium 

Revolutionary is what art has become to me. Over the last ten years my wife, Kathie, has become quite a successful oil painter, and thus, our lives are now steeped in the world of fine art. New circles of art-friends have risen up, and we keep paintings in front of our eyes on a daily basis. She paints outdoors quite a bit, we watch demos online and we regularly visit new parts of the country for art events. As a result, my ways of thinking have shifted… to more right-brained if you will. 

I’m a person who likes to plan and organize. Ideas have been my pal but systems have been my lover. Implementation of a well-timed and well-thought-through approach has turned my crank for many years. But since the revolution of art, I’ve come to realize that I can leave relational casualties in my wake. Plans come to fruition, but I hurt people along the way. 

Even with my prayer-life over the years, I have planned and used structured approaches to keep me diligent and faithful. (By the way, no disparity here for thoughtful and creative ways of living out our faith… my prayer strategies have resulted in many great joys). But how often I  have subtly insisted that others follow my lead. How quick I have become dogmatic over something as beautiful as prayer. Relational casualties. 

The most important thing about us is the way we relate. Not how often we pray, or how properly we pray, or if our praise should come before our petitions, or if our prayers should never cease.  I don’t want to relate to God through prayer, I want to relate to God as one. But how does that come to pass? 

We never fret about whether or not the sun will rise tomorrow morning or if gravity will hold us fast to the earth. Each of us has put our beliefs in these two truths… we bank on them and move forward with our lives. But now and again we are reminded of their beauty with a  stunning sunrise or when our plane lands safely.

Could this same (almost unconscious) trust and faith be true of our relating to God? Could we bank on Him and move forward with our lives — and always be on the lookout for reminders of His beauty, His goodness, His love and presence?


“The most important thing about us is the way we relate.” What are some patterns of relating that you’ve been stuck in? 

Can you look back over the last year or so and identify where God has shown Himself and reminded you of His presence and love.


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